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Bilingual VA services : how can we help you?

Each stage of an organization’s development brings about the need for change and re-assessment in terms of staffing, which may not always allow for hiring someone, either on a permanent or temporary basis.

Optim Office is based in Paris and can provide support solutions to these professional people specifically to take care of their management and secretarial needs either on an ad hoc or recurring basis.

Bilingual VA services : French- and English-speaking Virtual Assistant in Paris

We are ready to step in when…

We are ready to step in, either remotely or on-site, to help directors and managers who:

  • come up against difficulties or delays in carrying out certain tasks, such as confirming appointments,
  • are frustrated by having to deal with administrative matters instead of being able to devote their talents and energy to tasks which bring real added value to their business,
  • do not possess all the necessary expertise to be able to complete certain projects,
  • are aware that their secretarial support is no longer capable of handling all the tasks required of them.

These professionals can benefit from our efficient solutions which are immediately up and running, without the inherent costs and constraints of having to hire an employee.

Areas of expertise

  • Secretarial duties (French and English)
  • Written transcription of audio and video recordings (French and English)
  • Administrative, sales and marketing management
  • Sales administration
  • Web-marketing assistance

Examples of some of the services we can offer

  • Newsletters : Preparation and distribution
  • WordPress website/blog : Creation, rewriting, maintenance
  • Documents : Editing, typing and formatting
  • Powerpoint : Preparation of  presentations
  • Business trips and events : Preparation and organization
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