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French audio transcription services

You have several audio files that you need transcribed in a Word document and you are looking for French audio transcription services to complete this work.

Optim Office is a Paris-based practice providing transcription services in French language to allow you to get a written transcript of various audio events, such as conferences, lectures seminars, interviews and meetings.
French audio transcription services

A team of experienced French transcriptionists producing high quality written transcripts in a fast turnaround


Rates (normal turnaround)

  • Level I (one or two speakers)       : €2.50 for each minute of recorded audio
  • Level II (three or four speakers)   : €2.70 for each minute of recorded audio
  • Level III (poor audio quality,  heavy accents): €3.00 for each minute of recorded audio.

The normal turnaround time for a transcript is 2 working days for each 1 hour of recording.  However, we work with you to meet your deadline. Rush service is available.

Please forward us the details of the transcription service that your require – duration of the transcription, turnaround time, number of people speaking, level of editing (verbatim, clean, concise), media format (WAV file, MP3 file, etc). We will furnish you a quotation in 24 hours.

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