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A VA can help you save time and money

A virtual assistant (VA) is a business owner, dedicated to providing secretarial, administrative, Internet marketing, social media, website, graphic, bilingual, legal and/or real estate services from a home office to help businesses, entrepreneurs and busy individuals focus on what is the most important to them.

Flexible solutions

Your virtual assistant can be:

  • a long-term collaborative partner,
  • the answer to a one time project,
  • a short-term staffing solution.

Affordable solutions

Virtual assistants provide the support and assistance that you need at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay if you had to hire a permanent or temporary staff member. Why invest in payroll, benefits, insurance, etc. when you can delegate that money to growing your business?

VAs offer very competitive rate plans and a variety of convenient payment options to meet your needs. They generally charge between €25 – €55 per hour ($30 – $75), depending on skill set. Clients are billed for the actual number of hours spent on a task or project, or for a set piece of work.

Benefits of partnering with a virtual assistant

Partnering with a virtual assistant means that you can:

  • free up time to focus on strategic activities that require your full attention
  • increase productivity and income-level
  • create a smooth system that runs on automation
  • reduce stress
  • spend more time with your family and being outdoors rather than behind the computer.

What are the tasks I can outsource to a virtual assistant?

You need to look first at your daily workload, then make a list of your non productive tasks and prioritize them. The biggest time wasters are the first things you should look at outsourcing to a VA.

Here is a non exhaustive list of tasks VA can handle while you focus on more income-generating activities.

General administrative services

  • Schedule/calendar management
  • Correspondence management
  • Phone/email support
  • Travel arrangements
  • Internet research and data compilation
  • Editing, proofreading, writing services

Marketing assistance

The more understanding the public can gain about your business and your products, the more willing they will be to purchase your products. VAs can help you save time, increase your visibility and achieve greater impact.

  • produce and submit articles to directories to give you a higher expertise status and draw traffic to your website,
  • compile your material in newsletter format and send it out at the appropriate time,
  • set up and implement your email marketing campaign,
  • set up and manage your social media accounts,
  • manage your blog and post new content on a regular basis,
  • send cards to your clients for birthdays and holidays

There are many other areas where you can utilize VA talent for your business.

Stop losing time and money completing tasks a virtual assistant can do more quickly, at a lower rate than you do. Outsource those tasks to your VA and start devoting more time to income-generating activities!

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