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How can a bilingual virtual assistant help you?


In our global economy, businesses are searching for customers not only in their own country, but worldwide. We understand how difficult it is to communicate in a country when you are not able to speak the language fluently. Partnering with a bilingual virtual assistant, who can liaise with your customers and prospects in their native language, can be highly beneficial to your business.

how can a bilingual virtual assistant help you?
A virtual assistant (often called a VA) is an independent entrepreneur dedicated to providing secretarial, administrative, Internet marketing, social media, website, languages, graphic, legal and/or real estate services from a home office to help small business owners and individual entrepreneurs focus on the core aspects of their business.
Whether you are the owner of a company conducting business in a French-speaking country, an executive on a business trip in Paris, France, or an expatriate living in Genève, Switzerland, a bilingual French-speaking virtual assistant can offer a full range of efficient, cost-effective solutions to help your business achieve a greater impact.
Correspondence management
Mail merges / mail outs / editing, proofreading, copywriting, customer follow-ups
Have your bilingual virtual assistant:
  • prepare mailings on a daily basis in response to inquiries from prospective clients,
  • create and send welcome kits to your new clients,
  • type manuals and other documents, design customized invoices and other forms, send invoices to clients.
Schedule/calendar management
Your bilingual VA can help you with:
  • supporting the development of your business, prospecting and making appointments
  • managing your electronic calendar and sending you reminders to you via e-mail or text message
  • confirming your meetings and preparing your briefing materials.
Phone/Email support
Your bilingual virtual assistant can:
  • answer phone calls and take messages,
  • sort, route and answer routine messages, based on your specific request and criteria,
  • follow-up with your customers to insure customer satisfaction.
Business and event management
Planning a seminar in Europe? Your VA can handle logistics by finding and booking locations, making invitations, booking suppliers for the event and preparing your handout material.
Internet research and data compilation
There is so much information being shared online about your market, customers and competition. Your bilingual VA can collate important piece of information, translate them into English or summarizing them to you.
Travel and  accommodation arrangements
Your virtual assistant can book and confirm all your travel requirements, air, hotel and vehicle, as well as plan your travel itinerary, set up the tools and resources you need for meetings and presentations.
Transcription services
Press briefings, seminars, webinars, phone calls, dictated letters & memos and any other recorded materials, a bilingual (fr-en) VA can transcribe your French audio transcription into a professional document with a high degree of accuracy and attention to details.
Internet Marketing services
Have your bilingual virtual assistant:
  • compile your material in newsletter format and send it out at the appropriate time,
  • set up and implement your email marketing campaign,
  • set up and manage your social media accounts,
  • manage your blog and post new content on a regular basis.
Contact-list and data base management
To grow your business, a thorough knowledge of your customers, your prospects and your products is required. Your bilingual virtual assistant can help you with:
  • creating spreadsheets and entering data,
  • developing a customer feedback questionnaire, sending it to your clients in their native language, receiving the completed questionnaires, summarizing the responses, and preparing a report.
These are just a few examples of how a bilingual virtual assistant can help you. She can provide you the support and assistance that you need at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay if you had to hire a permanent or temporary staff member.

Rely on this dedicated partner to handle efficiently the various tasks you want to outsource while you focus on more income-generating activities.

Sylvie Guiziou, of Optim Office is a bilingual (fr-en) VA in France, dedicated to working with small business owners, solo entrepreneurs and busy individuals to help them focus on strategic activities that require their full attention. 
Sylvie  has over 15 years experience in administrative support services at board level in France, and an education in bilingual business administration. 
Optim Office offer  general administrative services, bilingual En-Fr services, Internet Marketing solutions, transcription, copywriting, data entry, Internet research and much more at http://www.blog.optimoffice.fr and https://www.optimoffice.fr


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  1. Virtual assistants is a booming sector and is very up growing sector.
    Many of the companies are affording virtual assistants because they are cost effective and mostly they work from home.
    As they work from home they have all the equipments which are necessary for virtual assistants.
    Thanks for this post.

  2. Hello,

    I agree with the article and the comment! it's 14 months since you posted this and virtual help/workers are booming, expanding, springing everywhere!

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